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My First Lesbian Quickie

My First Lesbian QuickieIt was a breezy summer afternoon when I entered Christine’s house. The living room was neatly decorated and everything was beautifully arranged. Her house was a palace and everything was just so clean. The air conditioned living room kept the entire room filled with calmness. I sat on the couch, which made a seductive sound as the cloth of my jeans rubbed against its softness. I was already turned on with the thought of making out with Christine. Christine had recently broken up with her girlfriend and when we met at the library, I saw her crying behind a book. After a few days, when we became really close, she asked me if I wanted to try making out with a girl. I was so unsure at first, but since I had always been bi-curious, I wanted to try it and who could be better than this gorgeous girl? So there I was… waiting for her to change. As soon as she entered the living room, my throat dried. I saw her in this sexy black lingerie, which made her flawless skin glow like a bulb....En savoir plus >

I Kissed The Girl Who Wanted My Boyfriend

I Kissed The Girl Who Wanted My BoyfriendI remember my closeness with Alice when we were in the same class at school; we just couldn’t live without each other. She had moved to London recently from another country and I had known her since we were 14. We were best friends. Things were so similar between the two of us that we actually fell in love with the same guy. We were mesmerized by the way he played guitar. Things were quite cute and girlish, until Josh, the guitarist guy we liked, asked me out for our Prom night. Just when I thought things were good, I saw Alice attracting Josh and making out in a dark corner. I was so shattered that I could barely say a word. When I caught them red-handed, she was startled. That was the last time we ever spoke. A year ago, it was our school’s reunion. I honestly didn’t know if I would ever see Alice there, but since I was already in touch with a lot of people from our class, I had to attend this. Just when I entered the class to meet everybody, I saw Alice greeting everybody. We...En savoir plus >

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