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When Pam met Lela

22nd May 2016
Offline LelaBunny - When Pam met Lela
It was a stormy night; everything was so dark that Pam could hardly see anything from her glass walls, except for the breeze hitting the branches of trees and making the weather colder with its presence. Pam was in her white sneakers, red shorts and white sleeveless top, which gave a tempting vision of one of her shoulders. Her brown nipples peeped through her loose transparent top, as she washed the cup to pour coffee in it, which was almost ready on the stove.
Just when she poured the hot coffee, she heard the doorbell. As soon as she opened the door, she saw a voluptuous woman standing outside. The woman informed her that her car was broken and she needed help in the stormy weather. Pam asked her to come in; she was completely dripping in rain water. As soon as she entered, Pam closed the door and passed a dry towel to her, offering the woman some dry clothes. Just when she was drying her face, Pam recognized her. Pam: Aren’t you Lela… the famous lesbian pornstar? Lela wildly smiled and nodded.
After a few moments of conversations; Lela asked why Pam watched her lesbian porn movies; Pam admitted that she was bi-curious, even though she had never tried with another woman. To this, Lela simply unbuttoned her wet t-shirt and showed her juicy boobs to the owner of the house.
Lela: Wanna try now?
Pam was unsure, but her mouth opened to see the beautiful boobs she had only seen on her cellphone screen. Lela asked her to touch her nipples. Reluctant, Pam smiled sarcastically and shook her head no; her eyes still lingered on the erect nipples of the beautiful porn star. With a pretty smile on her face, Lela undressed herself in a few seconds.
Lela: I am not missing a good session of masturbation in this weather… you’re free to watch!
With one hand, Lela caressed her nipple, stroking it, pinching it and tempting Pam; with the other, she made herself moan by inserting her fingers into her body. The sight was too much to handle for Pam; in a few seconds, she bent her head into the pretty star’s pussy and licked it. Just as she licked it for the fourth time, Lela pulled her up and kissed her passionately, groping her boobs in her clutches.
 As Lela spanked Pam, she bit her nipple through her white t-shirt. The erect nipples drowned inside the mouth of the experienced porn star. She then guided Pam to place her pussy on her lips; just as she did the same, Lela’s tongue slipped inside Pam’s shorts and found its way to her clitoris. As she feasted on her wet young pussy, Pam moaned and her lips automatically fell on Lela’s pussy. The girls wildly licked each other; before Lela could cum, Pam filled her mouth with her juices. Lela still continued licking and biting the beautiful young girl’s clit, as she made her reach the level of multiple orgasms… right one after the other!