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My First Lesbian Quickie

29th April 2016
Offline ChristineHunt - My First Lesbian Quickie
It was a breezy summer afternoon when I entered Christine’s house. The living room was neatly decorated and everything was beautifully arranged. Her house was a palace and everything was just so clean. The air conditioned living room kept the entire room filled with calmness.
I sat on the couch, which made a seductive sound as the cloth of my jeans rubbed against its softness. I was already turned on with the thought of making out with Christine.
Christine had recently broken up with her girlfriend and when we met at the library, I saw her crying behind a book. After a few days, when we became really close, she asked me if I wanted to try making out with a girl. I was so unsure at first, but since I had always been bi-curious, I wanted to try it and who could be better than this gorgeous girl?
So there I was… waiting for her to change. As soon as she entered the living room, my throat dried. I saw her in this sexy black lingerie, which made her flawless skin glow like a bulb. Like a tigress, she came closer to me. I tried smiling, but I did not know how to express the fear I had in my heart. As she crawled and moved towards me, my folded legs departed from each other and I sat comfortably.
Christine came closer and placed her legs, on one each side of my thighs. She sat on my lap; in a few seconds, her boobs pressed against my lips. I kept looking at her into her eyes and took my tongue out to lick her already erect nipples. Without a second thought, she moaned and rubbed her pussy against my lower belly. There was a spark inside my body.
She bent a little and rubbed her boobs with mine; I groped her breasts to feel her more, as she pulled off my brown t-shirt and unhooked my white bra. As soon as she stroked my nipples, they came erect. It was time for me to kiss her. Our lips met and as she rode me like a cowgirl, rubbing her wet clit against my pussy caged in my jeans, I pulled her by her boobs to make her moan in the pain of pleasure.
Our lips detached as she pinched my nipples hard to make me feel the same pain; I kissed her neck madly as she began humping on me, feeling the sensations created by the zip of my jeans rubbing against her swollen clit. As she kept rubbing herself, I spread my legs more to feel her on myself.
We kept kissing each other; for a few moments, I completely forget what I was doing since I was so engrossed in the sensations of her clit rubbing itself against my pussy. I didn’t realize until her juices flushed on my jeans that she had an orgasm. Just when she rubbed my vagina through the jeans, I had my orgasm too. We moaned together and licked each other’s cheeks.
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