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When Pam met Lela

When Pam met LelaIt was a stormy night; everything was so dark that Pam could hardly see anything from her glass walls, except for the breeze hitting the branches of trees and making the weather colder with its presence. Pam was in her white sneakers, red shorts and white sleeveless top, which gave a tempting vision of one of her shoulders. Her brown nipples peeped through her loose transparent top, as she washed the cup to pour coffee in it, which was almost ready on the stove. Just when she poured the hot coffee, she heard the doorbell. As soon as she opened the door, she saw a voluptuous woman standing outside. The woman informed her that her car was broken and she needed help in the stormy weather. Pam asked her to come in; she was completely dripping in rain water. As soon as she entered, Pam closed the door and passed a dry towel to her, offering the woman some dry clothes. Just when she was drying her face, Pam recognized her. Pam: Aren’t you Lela… the famous lesbian pornstar? Lela wildly...Read more >

I Kissed The Girl Who Wanted My Boyfriend

I Kissed The Girl Who Wanted My BoyfriendI remember my closeness with Alice when we were in the same class at school; we just couldn’t live without each other. She had moved to London recently from another country and I had known her since we were 14. We were best friends. Things were so similar between the two of us that we actually fell in love with the same guy. We were mesmerized by the way he played guitar. Things were quite cute and girlish, until Josh, the guitarist guy we liked, asked me out for our Prom night. Just when I thought things were good, I saw Alice attracting Josh and making out in a dark corner. I was so shattered that I could barely say a word. When I caught them red-handed, she was startled. That was the last time we ever spoke. A year ago, it was our school’s reunion. I honestly didn’t know if I would ever see Alice there, but since I was already in touch with a lot of people from our class, I had to attend this. Just when I entered the class to meet everybody, I saw Alice greeting everybody. We...Read more >

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